Coffee futures are crashing

Unlike the previous years where harvest season was expected with enthusiasm, this year’s harvest season started with confusion and uncertainty in Ethiopia.

One of the main concern for coffee producers has been about the mismatch between local prices in contrast to international prices.

In August, Arabica coffee futures were trading at $2.43 per pound. By Wednesday, November 16th, the price had tumbled to $1.59, a roughly 35% decline.

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New Coffee Season Approaching

As the new coffee season is fast approaching, our company has started early preparations at both our drying stations. 

To increase our output, we are adding the number of drying beds at both our stations - now totaling 500 beds.

Accordingly, we have targeted to export 8 containers of specialty Guji natural coffees, as well as 80 containers of commercial coffees – mainly Guji G3, G4 & Sidamo G4– in 2022/2023 harvest season.

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Massive harvest expected in Ethiopia for 2022/2023 crop year

Ethiopia’s coffee production is expected to flourish with highs of four folds in the coming harvest season as the rejuvenating initiative is said to reap benefits this season.

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) and coffee producing regions conducted massive campaigns for the past four years in order to replace aged coffee bushes whilst rejuvenating others besides expanding coffee farms.

The previous years’ initiatives will reap results in the coming harvest season which will begin from the end of October.

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World of Coffee Expo : Milan

KANYA Coffee Export exhibited at the World of Coffee Expo in Milan. During this expo, we had the opportunity to meet and present our products to industry leaders in the coffee sector.

We were delighted to find out that almost all people who took and cupped our coffee have given us excellent feedbacks. Majority of the traders who cupped our coffee have assured us that they will start doing business with us starting with the new crop season.

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