Mr-Dagmawi_Yimam- KANYA-Managing_Director

Starting from a humble beginning in 1990, we have achieved remarkable achievements throughout the years. Running diverse businesses that range from hospitality to manufacturing as well as coffee export, we focus on one simple thing: dependability.

Today, we are one of the fastest-growing private companies in Ethiopia. We have been fortunate enough to be where we are today because we provide our customers with exceptional products at competitive prices. More importantly, we strive to create long-lasting relationships while aspiring to grow together with our customers. Because of our core values, we are fortunate enough to build brands and market household appliances with brands names such as ARDO, HOMA, and FIDES.

We entered the coffee export business with a goal of exporting quality Ethiopian coffee. When we started our coffee export business, our business relied solely on ECX to source our coffees. Relying on ECX did not allow us to maintain quality and traceability – both crucial to our business. For this reason, we decided to build our own drying stations and prepare our own coffee in-house.

When deciding to build our drying stations, we wanted to keep our core business philosophy at heart – to be dependable to our customers by providing quality products at competitive prices. To achieve our desired objective, we scouted a number of coffee-growing regions but finally decided to build our first drying stations in Guji zone of Hambela Woreda. We chose to build three drying stations in Guji because we sincerely believe that the coffee that grows in this region is truly exceptional. Soon, we have plans to build additional drying and washing stations in other coffee growing regions to diversify our coffee portfolio.

Starting 2023/24 coffee season, we will store, process, bag, and stuff our coffees from our company-owned processing plant in Burayu, a town adjacent to Addis Ababa. This processing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and allows us to maintain quality and on-time delivery.

I thank you for visiting our website, and – maybe – for considering future business with us. I can certainly assure you that if you choose to do business with us, then you are choosing to do business with a company that values its relationship with its customers.


Dagmawi Yimam
Managing Director, KANYA Coffee Export